UK Office Address : Ấp 2, Xã Tắc Vân, Thành phố Cà Mau, Tỉnh Cà Mau, 981318
Hotline: +84879928864
6:00- 23:00 Mon-Sat

Jewelry Wind is a custom shirt production company that specializes in custom designs not found anywhere else. We offer high-quality clothing that is comfortable and customizable to your size, which means you’ll never want to wear anything else. The idea behind this company came about when two guys needed shirts for their weddings. I had used a competitor and was expecting high-quality shirts with a startup level pricing, but the customization menus were very limited for these products, meaning we couldn’t get exactly what we wanted. It wasn’t even possible to customize just one shirt way more than anyone has ever customized before! With new emerging technologies in affordability and quality, it’s now easier than ever before to create your own work of art on clothing. We started out as a website where you could upload any kind of image and print it onto t-shirts, hoodies, canvas bags and much more!